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Spinning workshop

Knitting workshop: Italian made computerized fully automatic knitting machines.

Japanese made dyeing machine, dyeing process over 3 hours at 97óJ.

Texturizing workshop

Use of automatic line closers and toe closers reduce manual operation and increase the alignment accruacy.

Italian made high presure dyeing machines position hosiery firmly during dyeing process and thus the abrade to hosiery be reduced to minimum.

Pre-setting process stablized the tube plus heating treatment make the mersh look smarter.

Computerized quality control system make sure the abrasion reistance and colouring are up to Fitlady standard.

Japanese made computer-controlled Heel Setting machines.

Due to the high quality nature, Fitlady manually inspect every pair of hosiery on top of the employment of high-tech quality assurance equipment before any of our product be distributed to market.

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